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fine art drawing

ink drawing of an old building on Berzei Street in Bucharest

'Berzei' (2022) - drawing and collage on paper.

Welcome to Ioana Pioaru's online portfolio!

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Hello, art lover! My name is Ioana Pioaru and I create art that aims to reveal the hidden depths of beauty.

My subject matter ranges from heritage buildings set in enchanting landscapes, to eerie contemporary city views, often combined with oversized portraits of historical and cultural personalities.

I use classical beauty in my art not as a purpose in itself, nor nostalgically, but as a language that speaks directly to the human heart. I believe that, once the space for dialogue is thus opened, the artworks can start to tell their stories.

ink illustration of Aldous Huxley and his house in London
ink drawing of steampunk machinery

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